Latest News

[2015-07-13] I have made changes to the documentation page to reflect all of the new changes in LedgerSMB. If anyone would like to submit installation guides for the various operating systems, I will put them up ASAP.

[2013-05-29] I haven't done any updates on this site for a good while. There have been some error problems with the forum when users have tried to update email addresses and possibly other problems. OpenBSD has now undergone a major ABI change, so I am a bit concerned with the problems I may have with an update to 5.7, which has some major improvements. There have also been many updates to the forum software which I would like to apply.

[2012-06-30] This sites domain name has now been changed to

[2011-11-04] For several reasons, I left off updating these pages.
I would like to now start adding new information.
LedgerSMB has now released versions 1.3.XX. These updates include many useful improvements in functionality.

[2010-03-02] Updated Forum software.
Please use this link to access Forum.

[2009-12-04] Started Adding Pages in Spanish (EspaƱol).
I have begun translating main English pages into Spanish. Since LedgerSMB is also used in many Spanish speaking countries, this should be helpful for those users.

[2009-07-11] Mailing List Messages "Threaded" by Subject Automatically.
I have added onto mailing list script to now process these messages automatically and categorize all with same subject into one thread.

[2008-07-16] Mailing list boards are now fully functional at adding new mail from the three LedgerSMB mailing lists. The boards have all the mail since beginning of May 2008. The first post in these three boards will allow you access to older posts to these mailing lists.

[2008-04-20] Archives for older mailing lists added.
Please use this link to set your bookmark to the forums. This link will let you see the posts as updated when you return.