Bennett Construction provides this forum for the LedgerSMB Project and users

Helping others and providing service is a good thing.
The recent and continuing selfishness and general corruption has shown to be both wrong and unprofitable.
I continue to believe that providing good service and offering freely available information serves to increase our wealth, not diminish it.

Bennett Construction is a small construction, remodeling and repair company.
Bennett Construction has been around since 1997, continuing despite the never ending struggles to build up the resources to have a successful business and supporting myself and my employees without compromising my morality.
I started the company without any real funds or equipment. My only credit access was a gas card.
Over the years, with great sacrifice to my personal income, I was able to acquire the vast variety of tools needed for a construction and remodeling contractor.
There was rarely enough money to shop for tools or equipment beforehand. So every purchase had to be driven by an immediate need and also an immediate return on that purchase.
Because of that unchangeable economic fact, I soon found that the most important tool for any business was accounting software.
Good accounting can provide a huge economic gain over time, but, frankly, little return quickly.
Careful collection and later analysis of business expenses and receivables can provide the key to seeing the problems and strengths that might not be obvious to casual observation.

Sure, early on I tried buying some software.
I bought a copy of Peachtree accounting. Waste of money, I couldn't figure it out as far as a small company.
The default settings included hundreds of accounts and everything seemed only relevant to huge companies.
The only support seemed to be how to upgrade my version, which of course, meant spending even more money!

Later I tried again. No more huge outlays on new programs. I got lucky and found a copy of Quickbooks a few versions old at a second hand store for $3.00.
I could not get the program past the initial interview wizard. Time lost but not much money.
They had support forums. Lots of useful advice like buying a newer version fixes your problems or to call a Quickbooks approved accountant or whatever they were calling it.
Once again no help for little guys with no money trying to get to the point of having money for upgrades and Quickbooks approved accountants/assistants or whatever!

Later, I grew to have a better understanding of what I really needed in accounting software as I continued to search for an answer for my needs.
I realized what my business needed.
My business has never had more than about seven employees including myself and was usually just me and one or two employees.
I required the most expensive option from these software companies: job costing.
This explained why I found my Peachtree version did not support job costing.
I would have to buy the very expensive, top-of-the-line versions to get the features I needed.

For a small business without tons of money to burn, that was not possible.

Then I had a brilliant idea. Back then, I had begun to learn Perl and XHTML.
Perhaps I could find a basic straightforward accounting program that was inexpensive and start keeping books without job costing (a step forward but still not what I critically needed to give me the information I really needed.) I could later try to write programs myself to assist with job costing and estimating only.
So I looked again but by this time inflation was really hurting business so I could not afford to purchase any software.
I looked for free software.
I found an article about several Linux based accounting applications.
Only one sounded right. SQL-Ledger.
As I investigated support and help for SQL-Ledger, I stumbled upon LedgerSMB, a fork of SQL-Ledger, which seemed to be a much better choice.

I have recently passed through some very serious health problems of my own and of my family.
During the past couple of years, I did find time to write my own database and applications to monitor and locally access our vendors products in great detail.
I then expanded that database to include detailed assemblies and projects with all the necessary parts included.
Then, I added a labor costing database.
These additions now allow access to a variety of different construction projects, with the newest price changes for materials or employee wages being automatically updated.
I plan on adding these as an addon to LedgerSMB.